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Brains & Brawn

"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow."

- Nelson Mandela

​What is Brains & Brawn?

Brains and Brawn is a Strength and Conditioning Program for adolescents to improve mental, emotional and physical resiliency while empowering them to take control of their health.  In order to maximize social and emotional learning, we implement growth mindset work, positive peer pressure and above the line thinking.

Our strength program is made up of neuromuscular programming, muscular endurance, hypertrophy and strength.  Our conditioning portion involves agility, speed, and explosive work.  Our lifestyle development will include nutrition, sleep, recovery, and stretching guidance.

Every child will be met where they are at and encouraged to grow to their fullest potential.

We specialize in 12 Week Programs that are customized to each individual and their goals.

Key Aspects of out programs include:


  • Health and Fitness buy-in

  • Motor learning for main compound lifts

  • Accessory work

  • Cardio/endurance work

  • Proper mobility and CNS training

  • Hypertrophy to build muscle and physical confidence

  • Positive mentorship and peer pressure

*** Limited Availability








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