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About Training Space

Get to know us

Principles of elite strength training meet coaching techniques effective for beginners.  

Nothing about us is cookie cutter.  We get to know each client extensively so we can effectively coach and develop their program.

We have taken brand new clients (never been in a gym) to advanced weight lifters in the best shape of their lives.

"Change your life, THROUGH fitness!"

Michael Dorricott

Founder of Training Space

Unsatisfied with the options for personal trainers and clients in the Palo Alto area, Training Space was born.  Through many iterations of different business models, thriving after the pandemic lockdown, Michael has created something truly unique and special.

Michael comes from an athletic background, however moved to Palo Alto being attracted to the intense focus on academics and achievement.  

Mentored by a number of successful venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley, Michael has built a business that has the intellect of a Silicon Valley Tech company, with the heart and integrity of a mom and pop shop.

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