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Personal Training Sessions Redwood City

Our proprietary, science-based programs are proven to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

How your Inside Out Program Works

Whether you are an ambitious, career oriented individual, a mother of three, or a youth athlete, our proprietary programs are designed to produce maximum results in 12 weeks.

As part of the onboarding process, we will collect info on over 50 different data points to create the most effective training and nutrition program to help you reach your goals. From our world class programming, training facility, technology, and accountability systems, we will give you all of the tools to make your transformation a reality.

Rather than hiring a trainer and buying sessions, you will receive a transformation. The change is real. Every detail and every aspect is thought through to deliver change. Our entire community will show up to support you every step of the way. You are not in this alone.

Smart. Strong. Real.

Smart: Every action we take is backed by the scientific method, from the onboarding process to determine a baseline to the program designs having repeatable results.


Strong: Strength is more than just physical at training space. Our clients learn determination and gain self esteem, while getting in the best physical shape of their lives.


Real: Real People, Real Results. The selective hiring process ensures Trainers with integrity, resiliency, and empathy. We work together to always provide our clients with a life changing experience. Our Trainers know it's more than just coaching. They will challenge you, ask tough questions, and help you develop the lifestyle you crave.

​Build REAL muscle and strength with our proven phase potentiated programming

Most of our clients have tried many things and achieved temporary success with them. We have all engaged in some form of resistance training and became slighly stronger while noticing some new shape to our muscles. We have all gone to the gym with friend, tried crossfit, or frequented a cycling class. What matters is long term change and sustainability. This comes down to identity based habits and metabolic conditioning. Our proprietary 12 week programs are designed to change you from the inside out both physically and pschologically.

We have changed the lives of stay at home moms, venture capitalists, college students, and security guards. Anyone who is ready and willing to make a change in their life alter the course of their future.

12 Week Transformation copy.png

Control your body fat and master your metabolism with our proprietary techniques

Detoxes, keto, carnivore, etc. We have all tried different eating styles, diets, and trends. What happens when you stop doing them? Why do you stop doing them?

Our customized 12 week programs are designed to solve these questions and teach how to take control of your entire future.

This is identity based habits and metabolic conditioning. Our techniques are science backed and proven by experience. >90% of our clients end our 12 week transformations eating significantly more calories than when they started and sustain their weight loss.


What your program includes:

Regardless of where you start, our deeply logic based 12 week transformation programs are built to change your life permanently.

Our proven programs evolve throughout the 12 weeks to your specific body and metabolism. No matter how extreme or conservative your goal is, you will have access to world class programming, state of the art facilities, and an elite team with strong character to keep you accountable.

Customized evolving meal plan

Without fuel, there is no driving. Every 12 week program, nutrition is a significant component.

Examining over 100 data points, we look at historical nutrition, body composition, psychological components, and much more during your comprehensive onboarding process. With all of this input, we can derive the optimal plan for your individual needs.

We are very logic based: We track input, measure data, make adjustments, repeat, repeat. The metrics we track are extensive ranging from weight, body composition, digestion, appetite, visuals, body mechanics, internal cues, and much more. The human body is very complex and our proprietary methods ensure you to achieve the best 12 week transformation in the industry.

Strength-based training program

Strength is our ultimate metric when it comes to workout progression. Based on your onboarding input, we design the starting weeks of your plan. Each week this program is updated based on: RPE, biomechanic efficiency, metabolic adaptations, recovery, and strength. This way your plan never gets too easy or too hard. We continue with progressive overload to produce optimal adaptations.

During the first few weeks of your 12 week program, you will be assessed daily. Using this data as well as that collected during onboarding, we will include certain movements to address muscle weakness/imbalance to improve pain and/or prevent pain in the future. Our in depth knowledge of strength sports science will allow us to directly target any deficiency in your movement patterns.

Proprietary supplementation plan and packages available as needed

Over the years, we have found that certain supplements are proven to be effective IN ADDITION to your custom meal plan and workout program. We will share with you our recommendations based on your goals and for convenience have our own in house supplements we can include with your plan.

As time goes on, we can re-evaluate if there are other supplemental needs and we can provide those to you.

1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

We selectively hire our personal trainers based on intelligence, grit and integrity. We know that to transform peoples lives, these characteristics are indispensable. These are the core principles behind the inside out 12 week transformation methods that have made us so successful with our clients.

Our coaches go through a rigorous training process and have all experienced transformations themselves. We are constantly iterating new techniques and improving our systems to stay at the forefront of the industry. We will not test anything on our clients until we have seen them successful with out staff and athletes.

Progress Check-ins

Accountability.  Accountability.  Accountability.  Even the greatest athletes on this planet are accountable to coaches.  In fact the more difficult the task, the more important the accountability is.

Your coach will schedule regular check ins where they will analyze data and make adjustments to the plan to progress you towards your goal more efficiently.  The worst plan is the one that never changes.

Daily Communication with your Coach (if needed)

You will be assigned an experienced coach who will be responsible for managing your transformation.  They will be your direct point of contact for all things involving your 12 week program.  

You will have their personal phone number as well as email for direct access.  Communication is one of the most important aspects of achieving sustainable results during your 12 week transformation.

Weekly Program Updates (based on RPE organized in blocks)

We have developed a proprietary programming system that we take over 50 data points into consideration when creating your program.  After our system analyzes your onboarding data, it gives us your optimal MEV (minimum effective volume) and MRV (maximum recoverable volume).  


During every workout, we collect data that we utilize weekly to update your program.  We have developed a fatigue management system to apply progressive overload whilst also minimizing any injury risk.

Nutrient Timing

Eating the right foods is only the beginning.  We will give you the most optimal timing for different nutrients based on your goals.

We will educate you on optimal pre-workout and pos-workout nutrition.  We implement carb cycling, re-feed days, supersaturation meals, fasting, and more.  These are all tools to ensure your metabolism comes out of the 12 week transformation churning like never before!

Travel Plans

We all have to travel at some time or another whether for work, pleasure, or anything in between.
If we set ourselves back every time we leave home, then we will never have a sustainable training and nutrition program.

We will create a plan for you anytime you travel to ensure you maintain your progress without compromising your personal enjoyment or obligations.  This will have you returning home fulfilled and motivated to get back to your progress.

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