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"The benefits of personal training, with the cost and freedom of a membership!"

At Training Space, we believe memberships should include more than just a place to workout.  We believe in TRAINING, not just exercise.  Training is exercise with a specific goal or purpose that is accomplished through thoughtful programming.

Starting as low as $99/month.


Training boils down to information, accountability, and camaraderie.  These are things that if neglected, will eventually lead to stagnation or injury.  Our aim is to offer these values to each of our members in an optimal environment. 


We design our facility to have the perfect blend of space, equipment, and people.  We have a customized training app and scheduling system to ensure that every member will have their own Training Station as well as access to 1,000s of programs and tools for success.  This way you won't ever have to worry about waiting for equipment or confusion on what to do.  

We also have a monthly training block that our Personal Trainers program each month for any interested members.  During our Staffed hours, we have Personal Trainers walking the gym floor to provide help with programs, assistance with proper biomechanics, accountability and camaraderie.



1 Year Paid in Full $99/month

1 year commitment $199/month

Month-to-Month $299/month

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