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Transformation Retreat

Training Space is proud to present our newest addition to the Transformation category, the Re-Align Retreat. This was designed with all the intensity of a Lifestyle Transformation while having the comforts of a health retreat. Nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains and enraptured in nature, selected participants will enjoy an immersive experience meant to fully cement a new mind set. Exploring various techniques and tools to connect that which is a barrier to your success and a much needed solution. Releasing the things that have been keeping you from the success you deserve. With a brotherhood of support to assist you in achieving permanent results. Participants will find a welcoming place of non judgement, conducive to learning how to process emotional blockages in a healthy way. An excellent place to form lifelong friendships and discover who you really are. Participants will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally, leading you to better clarity and realization.  

*The breakthrough you have been waiting for starts here.*

For some individuals, we dial in macros and calories down to the exact measurement.  For others, we work on habit tracking, increasing NEAT (Non-Exercise Adaptive Thermogenesis), or mindset shift.  We know that each individual struggles with different things and has a different set of circumstances in life.


Here are some of the principles we implement in our coaching and programs:

Progressive overload

MEV & MRV (minimum effective volume & maximum recoverable volume)

Deload and/or Reload weeks for fatigue management

SRA (stimulus recovery adaptation)

SAID Principle (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands)

Metabolic conditioning

Habit tracking

Habit stacking

Weekly check-ins for accountability

Reverse dieting

and more...

Who is this for?


You have tried and tried before.

You may have been able to get great results but can't seem to sustain them.

You can dedicate 5-10 hours per week to this 12 week lifestyle transformation.

You are ready for a life change.

You will be honest and transparent with us.

If this sounds like you, please reach out and schedule a consultation with Michael immediately!  His schedule fills up quickly.

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